Research staff are invited to complete the CEDARS Survey this June

Are you a researcher, manager of researchers or working in a research support role? 

We would like to hear from colleagues involved in academic research to know more about your experiences of the current research environment that you work in. Complete the Culture, Employment and Development in Academic Research Survey (CEDARS) and provide us with valuable insight to create a healthy and supportive research culture to ensure our researchers can thrive.

Complete the CEDARS survey – (Deadline: midnight, Wednesday 30 June 2021)

Created in collaboration with Vitae, CEDARS provides researchers and their managers the opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences around the three principles of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers – employment; environment and culture; and professional and career development.

In the survey, we ask you about important topics of research culture such as the experiences of the local research environment and working conditions, the associated responsibilities of managers of researchers.

We will use the outcomes of the survey to help us define and prioritise the work we do. It helps us update our Concordat Implementation Plan and will inform the priorities of the Research Culture Group – the more we hear, the more we can act.

The results of the survey will also establish a baseline for the UK research system generally in what more we need to do to achieve the Principles of the Concordat.

We are running the CEDARS survey as part of our actions in implementing the principles of the revised Researcher Development Concordat. You can find out more information about our Concordat action plan on our website.