Belonging at Leeds

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Belonging matters to everyone

Why is belonging so important?

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Belonging is everyone's responsibility

How does belonging develop?

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Micro affirmations: a belonging toolkit for all staff

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What is belonging at Leeds?

The University of Leeds commits to supporting the Access and Student Success Strategy (2025) which places belonging at the core of the 4 pillars of the student lifecycle of: Access, Continuation,  Attainment and Progression.

students’ sense of being accepted, valued, included and encouraged by others (teacher and peers) in the academic … setting and of feeling oneself to be an important part of the life and activity of the …[university]. More than simple perceived liking or warmth, it also involves support and respect for personal autonomy and for the student as an individual

Goodenow 1993

The guidance here is intended to help colleagues understand belonging at Leeds and to support a process of consciously focusing on how we can contribute to this crucial aspect of students’ time at Leeds. It will help us all to have a shared understanding of what it actually means to belong at Leeds.

Here are six key principles that can help us frame our understanding

  1. Belonging is at the heart of the University of Leeds
  2. Our individual identities, perspectives and life stories are the things that make our community successful
  3. Our community represents everyone – it’s a partnership between staff and students
  4. Belonging must be embedded holistically within all administrative and academic processes
  5. We are all responsible for making every individual feel valued in all informal and formal university spaces
  6. Belonging must be embedded within the three dimensions of the student experience: Curriculum, Support and Social

How can you help?

Micro affirmations: a belonging toolkit for all staff- are a set of short guides to help you create a sense of belonging.
Exploring examples of our students' experiences of belonging.
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Explore belonging further in this selection of literature.
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Find out about research taking place at Leeds into belonging.
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