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Learning technologists award

Celebrating excellence

The extraordinary effort of learning technologists this year is being recognised by their membership organisation.

The Association for Learning Technologists (ALT) has given a ‘special award’ to every learning technologist at an online ceremony to acknowledge the scale of challenges faced in 2020.

As Leeds, there are learning technologists in Faculty and School roles, at the Digital Education Service (DES), and in the Organisational Development and Professional Learning (ODPL) team.

Professor Neil Morris, Interim Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Digital Transformation said:

It is wonderful to see colleagues at Leeds and across the HE sector honoured in this way, underlining the critical role they play in preparing and delivering hybrid learning, both as technologists and educators. The term encompasses many different roles at Leeds and I’d like to extend my personal thanks to all of them.

Examples of work by Faculty learning technologists this year include:

  • working with Faculty learning and teaching networks to provide workshops and providing one-to-one guidance and advice to support colleagues through the pivot to online and to prepare for 2020-21;
  • co-ordinating access to relevant kit for remote working and teaching
  • contributing to university level advice and guidance and producing faculty level materials for disciplinary contexts.

Colleagues at DES and Faculty learning technology colleagues have worked closely with staff developers in OD&PL, supporting colleagues designing and delivering hybrid learning. OD&PL:

  • supporting the move to remote working and effective use of technologies for business continuity;
  • providing guidance and development for student education accessed by staff across the University;
  • establishing a cross-university community for sharing practice and accessing peer advice, guidance and support online (TIPS.)

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