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Belonging: recommended resources

Blogs by students

Seeing is believing: the importance of diverse representation in Medicine by Shakeela Brown

Supporting student carers to get involved in extra-curricular activities by Bryony Brown

Reflections on a staff/student research partnership by Sophia Lambert and Rachel O’Connor

Blogs by staff

What do you mean by belonging? by Bridgette Bewick, Liz Thomas, David Gilani

Tackling degree awarding gaps by Louise Banahene

We must create a community in which structures of opportunity are opened by Iwi Ugiagbe-Green

Why do we need a compassionate campus? And how do we get there? By Bridgette Bewick

Small changes can make a big difference to inclusion by Jenny Brady

Conference presentations

Belonging was a key theme of the 2022 Student Education Conference. Talks included belonging-related presentation strands such as embracing diversity, co-creation and innovative pedagogies. Many of the snap sessions will also be of interest. UoL staff can access talks at Student Education Conference 2022


How might we ensure that students feel seen, respected and valued?

Ensure students feel seen, respected and valued PDF (5.3MB) guide explores how each individual student deserves to feel seen and respected, and how this is crucial to belonging and student success. This guide was developed collaboratively by colleagues with roles related to inclusivity, decolonising, hidden curriculum, sustainability and belonging. It is intended as a guide to support colleagues working to embed these related areas in programme and module development, teaching and learning and designing and carrying out assessment.


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Belonging and Success Research Group