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Belonging in practice

This section is aimed at supporting you to facilitate a sense of belonging.  

Every single interaction is important, no matter how small. Connections are the pathway to belonging. By understanding the power of connections and our actions we strengthen inclusiveness across our diverse community.  

The University of Leeds welcomes staff and students from a diverse range of backgrounds and educational routes. Acknowledging, respecting and learning from this rich diversity is a vital part of facilitating sense of belonging. You can help create a more inclusive community by recognising this richness and reflecting students' reality in pedagogic resources and materials. Historically universities have marginalised the university experiences of students from minoritised and marginalised backgrounds – this includes students who are parents, carers, part-time, estranged from their families, commuters and more mature. It is our responsibility to make sure every student feels they are seen, respected, and that they belong. In our words and actions we can show all students that they earned their place at Leeds, we believe they can succeed, and we believe they matter.  

Every student is likely to need help to:

  • Find their way around unfamiliar campus and virtual learning environments 
  • Understand how to contact and address staff 
  • Join and leave in person or online formal sessions 
  • Acquire skills to meaningfully contribute and ask questions  
  • Understand activities and systems that are not familiar to them  
  • Meaningfully connect with students and staff 

In addition, how we design modules and curricula, teach, facilitate interactions through APT and pedagogical approaches and design assessment can influence contribute to students feeling seen respected and valued. Explore each of these areas in the following sections.