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Black History Month 2021

Featured Training and Events
LinkedIn Learning

In celebration of Black History Month in the UK this October, OD&PL have highlighted a number of resources below including blogs, courses, videos and events looking at a variety of related themes.

The aim is to promote knowledge, understanding and an awareness of Black History. It also provides an opportunity for people to learn more about the effects of racism and how to challenge negative stereotypes.

Black History Month Website

The Black History Month website has a wide range of news, videos, interviews, events, features and information. You can also find out about more about the theme for 2021, which is ‘Proud to Be’.

Leeds 11, Partners and Friends Celebratory Programme

Learn, acknowledge and celebrate Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic cultures with the Leeds11, partners and friends celebratory programme for Black History Month 2021.

The programme of events looks to bring everyone on a collective journey of insight and understanding into the wonderful achievements and success of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) people, whilst also engaging with key conversations and discourse which is often overlooked.

Recommended LinkedIn Learning blogs for Black History Month

Explore these recent blogs from LinkedIn Learning instructors on confronting bias, talking about race at work, and allyship.

LinkedIn Learning Pathway: Engage meaningfully in allyship and anti-racism

The How to Engage Meaningfully in Allyship and Anti-Racism learning path covers the mindset, communication, and advocacy skills to be an effective ally and champion for anti-racism in your organization. In the below courses you’ll learn how to spark constructive dialogue about race; identify bias, prejudice, discrimination, and oppression; and advocate for a more inclusive environment.

Santander Universities: Union Black Course

Thanks to our longstanding partnership with Santander Universities, the University of Leeds is pleased to offer staff and students the opportunity to participate in Union Black - A new 6-hour online learning course on Britain’s black cultures and steps to anti-racism.  The course will help you to challenge racial myths and biases in Britain through the lens of Black cultures and develop your commitment to lasting change. The course is available to complete until 3rd December 2021 and can be broken down and completed over several weeks in bite-sized chunks.  The course is operated by the Open University, has been designed in conjunction with leading black academics and is completely free of charge. You can sign up for the course via the Santander Scholarships Platform to take part in the course and be in with a chance of winning one of 50 scholarships of £500.

University of Leeds Library

Browse a programme of events and activities from the library celebrating and championing Black voices across October for Black History Month, which includes a curated Black History Month reading list.

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