LinkedIn Learning: Achieving your goals and resolutions

If you’re thinking about setting new resolutions or goals in 2022 but not sure where to start, or how to make them stick, check out these LinkedIn Learning courses and collections to help you on your journey.  

Our ‘Setting and Achieving your Goals’ collection consists of several courses which explore successful goal setting, how to create habits and how you can make big goals achievable.   

If you want to improve your organisation skills, the Getting Things Done course will suggest ways for you to stay organised and increase your focus. In addition, these courses will explore how you can efficiently manage your time: Efficient Time Management, Managing your Time. 

If your goal is to spend more time focusing on your wellbeing, this wellbeing collection has a series of courses featuring a range of topics. There is also a collection of courses exploring happiness and mindfulness: Happiness Tips, Creating an Amazing Life and Mindfulness for Beginners 

If you’re looking for more course recommendations for your personal and professional development, then check out our LinkedIn Learning Staff Guide or Student Guide for more suggestions.