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LinkedIn Learning: Recommended content for students

LinkedIn Learning

All University of Leeds students get free access to over 21,000 LinkedIn Learning courses, so where do you start? To give you a helping hand we’ve created a guide of suggested content for you to browse and explore. But first, let's look at how LinkedIn Learning can help you in your studies.

How LinkedIn Learning can help students:

  • Learn new skills or software to improve career prospects and support learning – With courses covering a wide range of areas including technology, business and professional, and creative subjects LinkedIn Learning is a great tool to help you improve career prospects and support learning as part of your studies
  • Quality and professional content – You can trust the content courses are led by experts, and there is a growing library of content produced and curated by our University of Leeds colleagues.
  • Easy to access, watch on the go, and at a time that suits you – Content is organised into bitesize sections, allowing you to easily watch courses – or sections of courses you’re most interested in. You can also watch on desktop, or via the LinkedIn Learning mobile app at a time that suits you.
  • Connect your LinkedIn profile to showcase your learning - Easily connect to your LinkedIn profile to highlight completed courses and new skills and improve career prospects
  • Wellbeing resources - There is also a large amount of wellbeing and mental health resources available to support you during your studies
  • Support when you need it - Get support with projects, coursework, or tasks you’re trying to complete. Whether you’re wanting a reminder on how to use a piece of software, need some advice on project planning or how to format your work – there’s lots of great advice available.  

Recommended courses for students:

To watch one of the suggested videos below, simply click on the hyperlink, which will redirect you to the LinkedIn Learning course, and log in with your university email address.  

Study Skills for Students

These recommendations are a fantastic place to start especially if you're a new student who is just starting a  programme of study, but also if you you're a current student looking to develop your study skills:

Once you've checked out the above recommendations, the courses below give a great overview of what you might look at next as you continue to develop your study skills:

Employability and job seeking:

Below are 10 courses you may find helpful to start thinking about employability, workplace skills and job seeking. We’d also recommend checking out the series of Content Collections from the Careers Service. 

The Careers Service have also created this blog to help you enhance your job applications using LinkedIn Learning.

Thesis and courses for academic research:

If you're looking for content focussed on writing and planning your thesis or academic research, here are 10 courses to explore:

We hope this has given you some good ideas of content for your watchlist, but don’t forget to explore all that LinkedIn Learning has to offer – log in to your LinkedIn Learning account with your University details and use the search and browse function to explore more.  



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