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Eva Sansavior

Academic Development Consultant – Curriculum Redefined
Arts-and-humanities and interdisciplinary pedagogic practice and curriculum design, SoTL impact development in and/through disciplinary cultures, partnerships in assessment and feedback, feedback literacies, social justice in the curriculum, values-led academic and professional practice.
Qualifications and Professional Body Membership
BA (Hons), MPhil, PhD

Key areas of activity

I am passionate about making transformative learning experiences available to all students, regardless of their background.

My academic development practice builds on extensive experience gained in major UK and Irish universities across roles in research and teaching with integrated and wide-ranging student academic-pastoral responsibilities – from Admissions Tutor, Personal Tutor,Year Abroad and Placements Tutor to Dissertation Supervisor.

Drawing on this experience, I work in partnership with academic and professional service teams together with students across the University to develop research-led academic development consultancy in support of the delivery of the University’s transformative student education project ‘Curriculum Redefined’. As Lead Curriculum Redefined Consultant for the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures, I have a specialist remit to develop, in partnership with colleagues and students in the various schools, arts-and-humanities-tailored resources, workshops and communities of practice aligned with the core themes of Curriculum Redefined. I also serve as a University Health and Wellbeing Champion.

I currently lead on developing Curriculum Redefined provision in three areas:

Previous funded Disciplinary Research and Pedagogic (SoTL) Projects

  • ‘Caribbean Globalizations: 1492 to the Present Day’, The University of Oxford (The Leverhulme Trust & The University of Oxford, 2008-2012).
  • ‘Confluences: Interdisciplinary Dialogues in Humanities Research and Teaching’, The University of Limerick (2012-2014, Faculty Research Board).
  • ‘The Twelve-week Transition to HE Skills Development Programme for the Arts and Humanities’ (Nottingham Trent University/HEFCE, 2019).
  • ‘Building Online Learning Communities’ (Bespoke resources and workshops on online communities, Transition to HE and belonging) (The University of Sussex, 2020-2022).
  • ‘Decolonising the Curriculum at Sussex: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives’ (A Collaborative staff-student project) (The University of Sussex, 2021- 2022).
  • ‘The Strategic Themes in Assessment and Feedback Speaker Series’ (The University of Sussex, 2021-2022).
  • ‘The Curriculum Review and Humanities Pedagogic Cafés’ (Programme of cross-humanities pedagogic cafés and themed curriculum review workshops on employability, student experience and the hidden curriculum in the School of Media, Arts and Humanities, The University of Sussex, 2021-22).

Key Publications

My disciplinary research centres on the literary, dramatic and visual cultures of the Global Francophone Caribbean. Key publications include Maryse Condé and the Space of Literature (Legenda, 2012) and the co-edited volume of essays (with Richard Scholar) Caribbean Globalizations: 1492 to the Present Day (Liverpool, 2015).