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In February and March, Learning for Life are offering a series of online bite-size workshops from the Springboard Consultancy for staff on grades 2-4, the workshops will provide personal and work-related skills development based on the outcomes of focus group discussions with staff.

The workshops include: cross-cultural communications in the global workplace, networking effectively, developing personal health and wellbeing, communicating more effectively and speaking the same language, getting your voice heard and maintaining self-confidence in challenging times.

Learning for Life Online Workshops:

There are eight workshops taking place throughout February and March, below you can find out more information about each course and what it will cover.

Cross-Cultural Communications in the Global WorkplaceWednesday 24  February, 09:30 – 11:00

Best Practice for Homeworking - Monday 1 March, 14:30 –16:00

Communicating More Effectively and Speaking the Same LanguageTuesday 2 March, 13:30 -17:00

Networking Effectively - Wednesday 10 March, 09:30 – 13:00

Developing Personal Health and WellbeingFriday 12 March, 09:30 – 13:00

Building Effective Networks RemotelyWednesday 17 March, 09:30 – 13:00

Getting Your Voice Heard: raising your visibility and profileTuesday 23 March, 14:30 – 16:00

Maintaining Self-Confidence in Challenging Times Thursday 25 March, 09:30 – 13:00

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Workshops - Overview and Content:

Cross-Cultural Communications in a Global Workplace

This interactive workshop develops understanding of the impact of culture and cultural differences as our population becomes more diverse. It explores how our social stereotypes can lead to barriers with cross-cultural communication. We identify the challenges and benefits of a multi-cultural workforce and you will learn tools for effective communication across diverse groups of employees and teams.

In today's’ workplace the need for organisations, teams and people to work effectively means embracing and embedding cultural differences that are essential for success.

Best Practice for Homeworking

This workshop will discuss best practice strategies for making remote working as effective as possible to support ‘business as usual.’


  • Challenges of homeworking
  • Importance of maintaining good routine – work, personal and wellbeing
  • Maintaining positive relationships
  • How to stay productive – prioritising, setting expectations, avoiding work creep, discover high productivity periods
  • Creating your own space – setting boundaries and minimising distractions
  • How to stay connected virtually

Communicating More Effectively and Speaking the Same Language

During this workshop you will gain the practical tools and techniques to support effective communication and gain an insight into how to interact with others. This will include overcoming the challenges of cross gender communication. You will also understand the impact of non-verbal and verbal communication, active listening and response skills whilst learning how to manage conversations more effectively.

Developing effective communication skills and confidence makes a big difference to the success of your organisation by avoiding misunderstandings and improving work and personal relationships.

Networking Effectively

This workshop demystifies the concept of ‘networking’ by providing you with the techniques needed to meet new people, and create positive first impressions. You will explore practical techniques for creating and building rapport. It includes learning how to put yourself and others at ease, how to feel comfortable communicating in groups and gaining confidence in introducing yourself to others. You will explore how to create and maintain good relationships in the workplace, enabling you to get the best out of yourself in your own personal style.

Developing Personal Health and Wellbeing

Learning how to develop strategies for positive physical and mental health wellbeing.


  • Relationship between physical and mental health
  • Maintaining emotional balance and optimism
  • Recognising the importance of maintaining good physical health
  • Techniques for connecting with yourself and others
  • Techniques to reflect in the here and now

Building Effective Networks Remotely

Networks are always important but at this time of social distancing, it is even more crucial to reach out and connect.


  • Why it is important to have a good support network
  • Different types of networks
  • Maximising and expanding your network remotely
  • Develop your personal network plan

 Getting Your Voice Heard; raising your visibility and profile

This workshop focuses on finding practical ways to raise your profile in and out of your organisation. You will understand the importance of promoting yourself, maximising your visibility, building tour self-belief and identifying your unique selling points to make you stand out from the crowd.

You will also explore who your key supporters are in your profile-raising journey plus how to overcome the barriers you may face along the way from those less supportive colleagues.

Maintaining Self-Confidence in Challenging Times

This workshop will look at strategies that will help maintain your self-confidence and awareness and awareness during a time of remote working.


  • Identifying and prioritising values
  • Avoiding negative self-talk
  • Creating a sense of direction through effective goal setting
  • Recognising opportunities to demonstrate your skills


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