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Welcome from our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Simone Buitendijk

"Welcome to the University of Leeds! You have joined an incredible community of people determined to make a difference, whether that be through providing inspiring student education, supporting University operations or contributing towards innovative research.

We want each and every one of you to feel respected and valued, and to know that you are part of an institution committed to creating a compassionate and supportive community that enables us all to succeed.

I am incredibly proud to lead a University that is comprehensive in its educational provision, which has a strong awareness of its global responsibilities and is dedicated to social, economic and cultural development. I know that we will go from strength to strength if we stand by our core values and work together to create meaningful and tangible change in the world.

I am very much looking forward to working with you, and hope that you are excited at the prospect of contributing to our community. We are happy to have you and wish you every success in your new role."

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Simone Buitendijk

This video was from September 2020. Our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Simone Buitendijk, says hello to colleagues after taking up the role of Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leeds.