Professional skills

Professional skills development

The ongoing professional skills development of our staff and postgraduate researchers is a priority embedded in our University strategy. We offer a range of developmental opportunities, to support you with your professional skills. Explore the information below to find out more and book on the workshops which are especially relevant to your needs.

Communicating with impact

Writing skills

Suitability: please refer to the course booking information

We offer courses to help develop writing skills for a range of contexts, especially relevant to scientific writing and writing for research.

Introduction to Digital Accessibility

Suitability: all staff and postgraduate researchers

This provision is currently available on a bespoke basis and provides an introduction to creating digitally accessible content. 

  • Introduction to Digital Accessibility: learn more by contacting Kirsten Thompson

Writing for the Web

Suitability: staff who write content for, manage, edit or author websites

These sessions aim to enable you to get your message across in the media, in your communications and on the web, in order to increase awareness of their work, its impact and our University.

Going Social

Suitabilityall staff and postgraduate researchers. Some courses are required for all colleagues managing institutional channels (see below).

The Going Social mini-programme provides an opportunity for you to develop your professional skills in the digital space. Learn how to review, protect and maintain your digital identity by attending the Your Digital Identity workshop. So, if you are interested in using social media, we explore approaches to using key social media platforms.

*Required for all colleagues managing and supporting institutional channels

Introduction to Google Analytics

Suitability: For staff and PGRs who manage and websites for their faculty, service, centre or project.

This course complements the web writing course. Whilst it is not a pre-requisite to attend, participants may get more from this course if they have attended the web writing course.

Other communicating with technology development

We offer a range of development to support use of lecture capture and the desktop recorder, and Collaborate and facilitating webinars. Further information is available on the:

Personal effectiveness at work


Suitability: staff and researchers (except postgraduate researchers)

Everyone has a unique combination of skills, talents, and knowledge – also known as strengths. In this 3 hour workshop you will explore and understand your individual strengths using the popular Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment.  This interactive workshop requires you to complete an online assessment 5 days before the workshop using a unique code that will be sent to you.

Agendas, Minutes and Meetings

Suitability: aimed at support staff, but it is suitable for all staff required to service meetings.

This workshop will enable you to improve your skills in setting agendas, taking minutes and arranging meetings. As a result, you should be able to service meetings effectively.

Project management

OD&PL workshops about project management are not currently available however, there are recommended online courses and resources available:

Access to LinkedIn Learning requires login. For further information, please refer to the section below.

External online provision: LinkedIn Learning Pilot

As part of our institutional pilot, LinkedIn Learning provides flexible access to a wealth of resources to enhance your professional skills. If you haven’t already registered, visit the LinkedIn Learning guide (IT Knowledgebase) to get started.

Additional resources

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If you have any questions about the above or our professional skills development in general, including our bespoke provision, please e-mail

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