Securing research funding

Why research funding is important

Securing research funding is at the core of the University’s research and innovation strategy, building on our existing research strengths to tackle the major global challenges. By achieving significant increases in UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) income, we can continue to produce world-leading research. Consequently, this will support our aim to be placed within the top ten UK universities.

Our research funding development

We offer support for all staff involved in and supporting research funding applications. We work closely with the Research Innovation Service (RIS) to provide tailored support for researchers at all levels.  If you are new to funding, our provision introduces you and prepares you for, submitting your first proposal.  For those with more experience, we support the submission of fellowship applications and larger funding bids.

Find details of our programme below. There is no pre-requisite to attend earlier stages.

Are You Ready?

Suitability: staff involved in or supporting research.

These sessions will help you determine if you are ready to make an application for funding and therefore take the next steps towards becoming an independent researcher. They are therefore suitable if you are considering applying for a fellowship. During the workshop, we will help you decide if you are at the right stage in your career and most importantly, if you will be considered competitive when judged by external peer review, before you submit to the University’s internal selection process

What Funders Want

Suitability: staff involved in or supporting research.

This workshop provides insight into what funding bodies and reviewers look for in applications. If you are new to funding, we will also show you where to get help when constructing a proposal.

Writing a Competitive Grant Proposal

Suitability: early career researchers wanting to develop a proposal for submission within the next 12 months.

Are you considering taking a good idea and turning it into a grant proposal?   This workshop provides an introduction to grant writing.


Suitability: early career researchers and staff who haven’t submitted an application recently and want a refresher.

These sessions run in partnership with RIS to upskill applicants and therefore improve funding success rates. Sessions are arranged for specific funders and run as a series of 5 workshops.

Fellowship support

Suitability: research fellowship applicants.

To ensure your fellowship application has the best possible chance of success, there is a process to identify and support you, as a potential candidate.  Once selected, you will attend a series of support workshops to assist you throughout the application.  Fellowship support includes workshops, one-to-ones in addition to an internal peer review.

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