Enabling your research impact

Research impact: why it is important

Research impact is the good that researchers can do in the world

Thanks to Professor Mark Reed for this definition and his longer explanation that is in our Additional Resources. It is also worth looking at Professor Nick Plant’s (Dean of Research Quality and Impact) answer to why it is important in ‘Additional Resources’ below.

Therefore you should pursue impact that is important to you and your research (take a look at this blogpost ‘Pursue the impact you want’ on the Impact Resources website for some more thoughts on this). Impact also plays a large role in securing research funding and brings in Quality Research funding via the Research Excellence Framework (REF). Our founding Charter (from 1904) includes dissemination and use of knowledge and it remains part of our aim to be placed in the top ten of UK universities.

Our research impact development

Most of our formal provision is aimed at staff who are research active and postgraduate researchers. We also support professional staff whose roles include or relate to research impact. All these groups can, in addition, access our longitudinal impact coaching for individuals or small groups.

There are four elements in our provision:

  1. Introductory workshops: for those new to impact
  2. Planning and evidencing impact
  3. Focusing on specific types of impact
  4. Impact coaching for individuals or groups

The order above suggests progression through the workshops, but there is no pre-requisite to attend earlier stages.

Suitability: postgraduate researchers, research staff, academic staff and professional research support staff. Introductory workshops are specifically for research active participants and research support participants.

Additional resources

Find out more

If you have any questions about the above or our ‘enabling your research impact’ development in general, including our bespoke provision, please select from the following:

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