Self-care and wellbeing sessions to help you during Covid-19

Looking after yourself 

Covid-19 has impacted us all on the way we work and we’re experiencing a significant time of change, including working from home, hybrid working split between home and campus, uncertainties on behalf of students and parents, and staff concerns about safety and meeting governmental tier regulations and covid-secure operating practices.  

With these changes comes an increased need to look after ourselves and use strategies for absorbing, coping with and recovering from new pressures and uncertainties. OD&PL provides a range of services to help colleagues develop the tools needed to work with and through the impact of covid-19 on our roles: 

Self-care and working with the experience of covid-19 – looking forward 

This 1-hour MS Teams session with Marcus Hill aims to help colleagues work through the experience of covid-19 by sharing experiences, normalising the ups and downs they may feel and discuss strategies for managing themselves effectively. The session also encourages colleagues to embed ways of working that feel good and celebrate anything they are doing which is new and helpful. Find out more about this session on our wellbeing and resilience pages, there are two types of sessions available:   

Personal Resilience suite of online workshops 

Resilience is the ability to manage and sustain or restore balance and performance in times of change. The Leadership and Professional Practice team in OD&PL and the Staff Counselling and Psychological Support Service continue to join forces to offer a range of workshops to develop self-awareness and self-management skills. Positive models and individual strategies are covered to resource work, life and organisational change. They are an opportunity to gain ideas and tools to help sustain your personal resources and adaptability during these unprecedented times and the demands they place on our coping strategies. These workshops dovetail together and can also be taken individually by delegates. Find out more about these sessions on our Leadership and Professional Practice website, or book a session on our Course Catalogue.  

LinkedIn Learning Wellbeing Resources  

All students and staff at the University of Leeds have free access to a wide range of wellbeing resources via LinkedIn Learning, which includes this specially curated collection of wellbeing courses. 

OD&PL  LOGIK personal development classes and workshops 

Check out the latest LOGIK newsletter from January 2021 (opens in Microsoft SWAY) to find out about a range of personal development classes and workshops.