OD&PL seminar rooms

The Seminar Rooms are on the first floor of the Chemistry Wing of the Parkinson Building.

Enter the Parkinson Building; the open area on the ground floor is Parkinson Court.

  • In Parkinson Court, go to the North stairs by the café area. There is a lift to the first floor to the left of the staircase by the café.
  • Go up the stairs or lift to the first floor, turn right and right again onto a corridor leading away from Parkinson Court.

Both Seminar Rooms are down the corridor after the Cohen computer cluster. Seminar Room 1 (1.34) is on the left and Seminar Room 2 (1.35) is on the right. The entrance to both rooms is just before the next set of double doors.

Wheelchair access: Enter Parkinson Court either from the rear of the Parkinson Building, or the Baines Wing, or Chemistry Building main entrance on Woodhouse Lane.

See the campus map for the location of the Parkinson Building.

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